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Lame Excuses

Today a friend of mine chat with me in the MSN. She is a pretty friend of mine call Beauty (this is not her real name but she’s a beauty). Here is the chat between me and her.

Beauty: Hey Hey. Just now I wrote 6 pages in the car. (she was writing something in her car)

Me: Wah… so many.

Beauty: Yala… coz I spent 2 hours in the car.

Me: Wah.. 2 hours in the car with aircon on?

Beauty: Yalor.

Me: Waste Petrol. Next time find a place to sit down and write.

Beauty: I think the same lar. If I go to McD, I need to buy drinks and food also almost tat amount lor.

Me: -_-

Beauty: somemore order food i eat i will get fat leh. better in d car.

This friend of mine very particular about her body figure. I don’t blame her if she don’t want to eat so that she want to keep herself slim. But people not asking you to eat food. Just get a drink and sit in McD and write it. That will not cost you much. Furthermore if you sit in McD, you can enjoy more comfortable place to write your thing with FREE aircon (of coz you have to pay for your drink lar).

By sitting in the car you are contributing to Global Warming by letting your car engine running just because you want aircon, BE CALCULATIVE until like that and DON’T WANT TO BE FAT. (Sorry Beauty for saying this. Please forgive me!!! :p)

Not only that. By keep your engine running without moving can kill people in the car also. The carbon monoxide from your engine will go into your car and kill the passenger inside. Scary yeah… For those people who don’t believe me, click here to see the fact.

Please save petrol and stop your engine if you not driving your car to anywhere. Save the Earth.