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Banana Leaf Rice @ Bangsar

Today I want to introduce an Indian food call Banana Leaf Rice. Some of you may have already tried the Banana Leaf Rice. So far I tried 2 times only and both also at different restaurant. I personally prefer the second restaurant that I went to eat the Banana Leaf Rice which I will introduce today.

The Devi's Corner @ Bangsar

The Devi's Corner

There is a restaurant call Devi’s Corner in Bangsar Baru serves Banana Leaf Rice. That day, my friend came to find me for lunch and she wanted to try the Banana Leaf Rice in Bangsar. So we decided to try it in Devi’s Corner. They only serve Banana Leaf Rice at 1st Floor of the restaurant. The ground floor of the restaurant is just like the normal Mamak stall.

Banana Leaf Rice of course must have a banana leaf placed in front of you. They will put some rice at the center of the banana leaf then they will put some side dishes beside the rice. You can check the picture below to have a look at their side dishes that they serve. After that you can choose different types of gravy to put on top of your rice. That day I choose their curry gravy. This is the standard Banana Leaf Rice which cost RM 6.

The side dishes.

The side dishes.

For those who want to have extra dish like chicken, fish or mutton, you can order it seperately and eat with the Banana Leaf Rice. That day we ordered one chicken and one fish to try. The chicken and fish were very nice. The chicken and fish cost RM 11.50 in total.

Banana Leaf Rice + Chicken

Banana Leaf Rice + Chicken

For those who want to try Banana Leaf Rice, come over to Bangsar’s Devi’s Corner and try their delicious Banana Leaf Rice. The Devi’s Corner just located opposite the Bangsar Village II and Bangsar police station.