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Buildings : World Tallest Building, The Burj Tower

I came across a website few days ago about the construction of the Burj Tower in Dubai. It will be the tallest building in the world once it was completed. The height of this tower is about 800 to 950 meters from the ground and going to have about 160 – 189 floors. Imagine standing at the highest floor looking down the whole Dubai. I think my leg will shake standing there. Scare of height :P. It is expected to complete in August 2009. I looked at the construction picture from day 1 until now. It was just marvelous. Humans always do fascinating things and this is one of it. During the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese made one of the most fascinating structure which is the Great Wall of China that stretch over 3000 miles long. No doubt after the completion of Burj Tower, there will be another project that will build another tallest building…

To view the whole construction progress of the tower, click here.

To view the Official website, click here.

The Burj Dubai

The Burj Dubai