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Moved to New Site

This will be my last post for this blog. I will no longer update this blog and move to a new site The content of the new site is the same as this blog. I replicate exact same blog to a new hosting site.

Sorry for any inconvenient caused due to this. I hope you all will continue read my blog as you can expect new post come in every week in the new site.



Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Last Sunday I went to watch the latest Indiana Jones movie in GSC Midvalley. My impression when cinemas start promoting this movie was “Harrison Ford already so old still want to make Indiana Jones movie”. But I told myself why don’t just try to watch it see how “bad” is it…. After watched it on Sunday, I told myself “It was a very nice movie…. “. Don’t judge a book by its cover… this is very true…

The story of this movie is nicely done and got one thing in the story that is out of my expectation which was they talk about “Alien”. Maybe you guys go catch the movie. You must not miss it… Now after watch this movie, its make me want to watch back the first 3 Indiana Jones movies.

Back from Away….

I has not been updating my blog for 2 months since I came back to Malaysia from Japan. Now I will continue my blog with writing some interesting stuffs from Japan (will get info from my buddy in Japan, Aaron) and about Malaysia too. Hope you guys enjoy my blog.. see you soon

Busy Weekend…

Last weekend was my most busy weekend in Japan. I went to Odaiba on Saturday and Asakusa on Sunday. Odaiba is a very interesting place with few attractions that you should not miss out when you come to Japan which are the Toyota City Showcase, Ferris Wheel (World’s LargestFerris Wheel), History Garage and Venus Fort. In the coming postings, I will write about these 4 attractions. Asakusa is a religious place where the famous Sensoji Temple is located. I will write about Asakusa in coming posting.

Free Self-Service Spectacle Cleaning

In Japan, most of the optical shop provide free spectacle cleaning service. It is so simple and is self-service. They will put a small device outside their shop. You just have to soak your spectacle into the water in the device. Then press a button to activate the device and it will do the cleaning. After 1 minute, the device will stop. You just take out your spectacle; soak it inside clean water and wipe using tissue paper. Here you go…. your sparkling clean spectacle.

Spectacle cleaning

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome everyone. This blog is created to show how is the life in Tokyo to most people out there who interested to know about Tokyo, one of the most expensive place to stay on earth. I will try to update this as much as possible for your enjoyment. I will continously improve this blog to add excitement. Enjoy!!