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Venus Fort in Odaiba

Venus Fort is a shopping mall in Odaiba just beside the Toyota showroom. The interior design of this mall is very nice. It uses European design. It make feel like I am in Europe for holiday. Inside the mall, there is a very nice fountain and nicely crafted. It is a upmarket shopping mall. The goods sold here is very expensive and most of it selling at least in 5 figures (in japanese yen). Click on the picture to view the photos.

Venus Fort in Odaiba

Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

Last Sunday I went to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. It is a tourist spot where all tourist come to Tokyo sure will go to this temple. The temple is very big and there are a lot of shops along the road to the main temple where you can buy souvenirs and food. The temple is very beautiful and well maintained. There is a 5 storeys Pagoda beside the main shrine. Before you want to pray in the main shrine, you need to clean your hand and mouth first. There is a water fountain in front of the main shrine for you clean your hand and mouth.

To get to this temple, you just take the Tokyo Metro subway – Ginza Line and it will take you to Asakusa right in front of the temple entrance. Enjoy some photos I took there.


Ferris Wheel in Odaiba

The world’s largest ferris wheel is here in Odaiba with the height of 115 metre above the ground. It costs 900 yen to sit for a 16 minutes ride to see the view of Tokyo from 115 metre above the ground. At night you see beautiful lighting effect on the ferris wheel which will change colour every few seconds. Enjoy the photos by clicking the link below.

Ferris Wheel in Odaiba


Odaiba is a popular tourist attraction in Tokyo City. I went there last Saturday to check out the place. It is a very interesting place with few attractions you should not be missed. In previous posting, I got mentioned about the original Statue of Liberty in Odaiba. I went to see it in close-up view. It is the original Statue of Liberty made in France long time ago and the New York’s Statue of Liberty was built based on this original statue here in Odaiba.

Odaiba is located on a man-made land or reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay. Some big organization like Shell and NHK are located here. There’s also an indoor theme park called JoyRide Sega in Aqua City Mall. From the Aqua City Mall, you have a vey nice view of Rainbow Bridge which connect Odaiba with the mainland. In coming postings, I will write about attractions in Odaiba. For now enjoy some pictures of the some beautiful view in Odaiba.


Shibuya, The Fashion City

Last Sunday, I went to Shibuya with my friend to take a look how is the fashion in Shibuya a.k.a. Fashion City. Shibuya was packed with people and mainly ladies who came down here to hunt for cloths. The popular landmark in Shibuya is the Shibuya 109 building. In this building, you can find all sort of ladies fashion like accessories, shoe and cloths. I went inside the building and all I can see is ladies shopping for cloths. Here you can find a lot of beautiful ladies.

For guys, you can go to Shibuya 109-2 building to find guys fashion. You have to go up to 5th and 6th floor to find guys fashion shop.

How to go to Shibuya: Take the JR Yamanote Line in Tokyo. As long as you able to take this line, you can reach Shibuya because this Yamanote Line circle around Tokyo City. So you won’t get lost.


The City of Light, Ginza

Last Sunday night, I made a trip to Ginza in Tokyo. Ginza is a Up-Market shopping street with branded shop like LV, Prada, Gucci and etc….. The main street is full of light during the night and it is so beautiful. It is like Hollywood in Tokyo. You also can see a lot of expensive cars in that area like BMW Z4, AUDI TT and Mercedes Benz. There is also a big Apple store selling IPOD and MAC with a very big Apple logo outside the shop. For those who want to get there, take the JR line train to Shimbashi station and walk about 5 minutes to reach the main street of Ginza or take the Tokyo Metro subway to ginza station.


A trip to Tokyo Big Sight

You might be thinking what is Tokyo Big Sight… When I first heard the name, I thought that it is a place that can see the whole of Tokyo. But actually it is a International Convention Center. I went there last week for the Software Development Expo.

It is at the Tokyo Bay just south from Tokyo Tower. It is about 3 to 5 times bigger than Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. It has a unique cone shape tower at the main entrance that you won’t miss it. There are some interesting places around the area also like Tokyo Fashion Town, Mega Web, National Museum of Science and Aqua City. I will make a trip there in the future.

During the journey to Tokyo Big Sight, I saw Statue of Liberty standing near the Aqua City. My friend told me that the statue is the original statue that the “big” Statue of Liberty now standing in New York was made based on this statue here. This statue is much (a way lot) smaller then the New York ones. This statue was originally made in France then New York’s Statue of Liberty made based on the it. Then the original statue was moved to Japan just few years ago (I don’t know the exact date). Below picture is the route map of Tokyo Bay.

Route Map of Tokyo Bay

and here is the photo gallery…

Trip to Tokyo Big Sight