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My journey to Japan

I took wednesday 9 May 2007 8.15 pm flight to Bangkok and transit to Japan from there by taking 11.10 pm (Thai time) to Japan. This is my first long haul journey to a place far far away from home. During the journey, I miss Malaysia and everyone around me especially Ele and Lee Kim who with me most of the time. I took Thai Airways to Japan. Some people said their service is better than Malaysia Airlines. I went to check out how good is their service. Indeed their service is good. The air steward and stewardess is very polite to you, try to attend to you in any problem or request even they don’t know your language. Their food is very nice too…. yummy yummy.

It was a very tiring journey to Japan especially when you took Midnight flight to Japan from Bangkok where the time different is 2 hours. I got no enough sleep in the plane. I only slept for 3 hours in the plane. When the plane is flying at high attitude to the north to Japan, the plane is so cold and I got sick with flu. The temperature outside the plane is like -55 celsius.

First I took a plane to Bangkok newest airport, The Suvanabhumi Airport. When this airport first completed, there are a lot of problems with the airport like damaged runway track. My first impression of the airport is huge and long. I have to walk a long way from one end to the other end of the airport to transfer my flight to Japan. Their Duty Free shopping arcade is very big and most of the shop is occupied. A lot of branded shop here.

At 11.10 pm (Thai time), i onboard my next flight to Japan. Half of the passengers were Japanese. Suprisingly Japanese like to go Thai for travel. Now even Nintendo DS got a travel guide program to Thai for Japanese but not Malaysia. Malaysia should do more to promote the country if they want to make Visit Malaysia Year a success. Some of the Jap woman in the plane is very pretty hehe :p.. Once I in the plane, I went to sleep.

At about 7.00 am (Japan time), I reached Narita Airport. This airport is very far from Tokyo city and it took me 1 1/2 hour to reach my house in Kawaguchi, Saitama. I was amazed with the railway and subway system in Tokyo. It is so complicated and yet so convenience to everyone. They have so many lines crossing each other. Click on the picture below to view some pictures:

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