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Square Enix Party 2007

Hi everyone, Square Enix Party 2007 which held last 2 days in Makuhari Messe in Toky was a very successful event. I went on 12 May 07 at about 1 pm and a lot of people queuing up to try game demos like Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for DS, Final Fantasy Tactics for PSP, Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System for PS2, Closed Mega Theater for Final Fantasy 13.

 There is a cosplay competition held on 12 May 07 morning which I missed it. They invited Jyonjri, a Japanese singer who sang a theme song for a new Square Enix game, It’s a Wonderful World (DS). Too bad they don’t allow people to take picture during her singing session here. This song is not that good compare to her previous album.

They put up a booth to commemorate 20th aniversary of Final Fantasy by showing all the products under Final Fantasy brand. The booth is nicely done and they have a notice board that allow visitor to give feedback to Square Enix on their product. Most people want them to remake Final Fantasy 7. This is very interesting and we hope Square Enix will take take this into consideration and quickily make the remake.. hopfelly with superior graphic like upcoming Final Fantasy 13.

They also put up merchandise shop in the event selling soundtrack, games, figurine, books….. Have I mentioned about their Archives book which they sell at 1000 yen each during the event? This book contains details on Final Fantasy products including the upcoming Final Fantasy 13 with 2 posters inside of Final Fantasy 13 and versus 13 plus stickers.

I quite impressed with the Dragon Quest game for Wii which showcased during the event. You just swing the controller like you swing a sword to kill the enemy. It is pretty interesting. There’s also a game combining Nintendo’s most popular character Mario with Dragon Quest for Nintendo DS. It is more like a puzzle game and hope I can try the game when it’s out in the near future.

Enjoy some photo I took during the event by clicking the picture below and also a video for your viewing.

Square Enix Party 2007