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Happy Mothers Day

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Mothers Day to remind us on the sacrifice that our mother made to make us what we are today. In this very day, express your love to your mother as an appreciation of what she did all these years since we are born into this world. There’s no love in this world can replace a motherly love. No matter how busy you are, show your love back to her.

We should always treat everyday as mothers day. Not because of tomorrow is Mothers Day you only show your love to her. We should always remind ourselves to treat our mum with love always like how she love us.

Here I wish all the mothers in this world Happy Mothers Day.

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Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007

One of the biggest Gundam event of the year is held today in Tokyo, the Gundam Expo 2007. My friend in Japan, Aaron went there this morning and he took a lot of pictures in the event. The upcoming gundam series, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 also featured in this event where Bandai exhibits gundam model from the new series. I’m a Gundam series fan. From my friend’s photo gallery, Bandai displayed out all the Master Grade Gundam model in a special display from the 1st MG to 100th MG. I wish I can see this myself there hehe. :p Check out my friend’s posting on this event here: