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Street Performance

When you go to places like Akihabara in Tokyo, you can see some Japanese doing performance at the road side. They’re not asking you to give them money for their street performance but to promote themselves in the entertainment industry by produce CDs and sell it.

In Japan, you can rent a studio to record your songs and produce your own CDs at a cheap rate. After produce it, is up to you how you want to promote your CDs. For Japanese, they will do street performance to promote it. If a record company interested to sign you up as a singer, then you will become very popular. That’s why you can see many new singer’s CDs come out in the market very often.

For those who has talent and know how to sing Japanese songs, you can try your luck here in Japan. You may not know that one day you will become famous like Ayumi Hamasaki or Utada Hikaru. Click on the picture below to view some photos on the street performance.

Street Performance