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Shell Ferrari Cars

Few months ago when you pump petrol at Shell station in Malaysia, you can buy a Ferrari car (toy car of coz, not the real car). There are 6 different models to choose from. I collected all 6 cars. Below are the pictures of the cars.

Ferrari F1 car

Ferrari F50

All 6 cars


Toyota City Showcase in Odaiba

Last Saturday I went to Toyota City Showcase in Odaiba to see Toyota cars for Japan market. They have wide range of cars from luxury car like Majesta to K-car like Vitz. They also have a section for F1 car development and GT. The best part of the showcase is the Mega Theatre. It is a theatre with a big screen plus Motion Master effect. I watched a GT car racing simulation last Saturday and it was fantastic. The motion effect is damn real. You can feel the motion of changing gears and braking plus cornering.

In Toyota City Showcase, you can test drive any Toyota car you want around the building with a small amount of fee (If not mistaken is 300 yen). But you must have a valid driving license and for foreigner must have a International Driving License. They also offer consultation for those who want to buy new car. Now enjoy the photos I took in Toyota City Showcase.

Toyota City Showcase