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High Definition: Looking For Blu-Ray player?

High definition videos or in short HD videos getting more and more popular. You can easily get the HD content from major video store in town. Some people may ask Why HD? What good about HD? Just a short comparison between DVD and Blu-Ray (or in short BD – is a Disc format that support HD format). DVD video maximum size is 640 x 480 and BD video maximum size is 1920 x 1080. You can see the different in size for both format. So with BD, you can see a lot of details in your favourite movies that you never see before or will never see it in DVD format. But of coz you will need a HDTV to view your HD movies.

Now the question which Blu-Ray player to get and in good bargain. I did a survey around on Blu-ray Players and PS3 (a game console which can be used to play game and watch Blu-Ray movies). In Malaysia, a standard BD player costs about RM 3000 and upwards and a PS3 costs about RM 1300. I personally thinks that PS3 is a better bargain for Blu-Ray player. There is one good point about PS3 which is you can upgrade its firmware for better support easily. Sony constantly releasing new PS3 firmware version to add functionality to its PS3.