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Wasted My Time in My Life…

During my college time, I came to know a friend who wholeheartedly trying to guide me to the correct path and we end up very close to each other. She and her husband always said I have wasted my time unnecessary all these while. Why I wasted my time???

1. I hardly do charity in my life… I always think of why other people are richer than me.. own better things than me… all these thought make me very selfish to other people which always make this friend angry on me and scold me. I came to know… We born in this world is bound to our karma and merits… You need merits to own things and live a better life. So now i want to start doing charity for people and be kind.

2. I’m very ignorant to the surrounding.. the surrounding i mean can be what is happening around the world or even the person closest to you. They always say that i very outdated and not knowledgeable… how to talk to people… Now I’m already in working life… i totally agree with them… the amount of thing around is so many and we have to keep on learning from it.. that’s why people said life is learning process… Last time i seldom read newspaper.. the most i read also IT or games news.. which i like the most… Now i everyday also go read up online newspaper

3. Always give excuses and twist story…. I’m very sorry to my friends who got this nonsense from me… everytime also end up their are very angry or sad with me…. I’m very sorry to them.. and please forgive me… I found out giving excuses will not get you out of the mess you created.. but in return make the whole thing worse… so better admit your fault better than trying to find 101 excuses for it which end up useless.

4. They are the one who treat me like family.. i really have to thank them for all the guidance they gave me but because of my ignorant all these while.. drive them crazy and started getting out of hands. I want to apologies to them for all my wrong doings all these while.

We all born in this world… but how many of us know why we born in this world and what we must do in this world… We need to live this life meaningfully… try to help out people who are more unfortunate, be kind, do charity.

I’m Sorry to those people I have hurt in my life intentionally or unintentionally. I will change myself and become a better person.