Stephen Colbert VS Rain

The other day my friend in Japan asked me to visit a site to watch a Comedy Talk show called The Colbert Report. He showed some videos talking about Korean Pop singer Rain. I think most people know Rain. He held a concert in Singapore sometime ago and the tickets is super expensive. Can say is one of the most expensive concert to watch.

I said just now it was a Comedy Talk show. The videos are damn funny and this Stephen Colbert (The host of The Colbert Report) try to imitate Rain and challenge Rain for some showdown. I was stressed out that day and after watched the videos, all my stress gone. Beside talking about Rain (I hope it won’t rain in my blog… haha), Colbert also talks all sort of things in the show.

To view all the videos about Rain Rivalry, click here.

BTW, The Colbert Report just won an award in the 60th Emmys Awards which was held recently.


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  1. I see you were stressed out by who?


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