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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Last Sunday I went to watch the latest Indiana Jones movie in GSC Midvalley. My impression when cinemas start promoting this movie was “Harrison Ford already so old still want to make Indiana Jones movie”. But I told myself why don’t just try to watch it see how “bad” is it…. After watched it on Sunday, I told myself “It was a very nice movie…. “. Don’t judge a book by its cover… this is very true…

The story of this movie is nicely done and got one thing in the story that is out of my expectation which was they talk about “Alien”. Maybe you guys go catch the movie. You must not miss it… Now after watch this movie, its make me want to watch back the first 3 Indiana Jones movies.


China Earthquake

Last Monday I saw news in TV that China was hit by 7.3 magnitude earthquake and the death toll as 16/5/2008 was about 19,000 people and thousands more still buried which we still uncertain whether they still alive or not. It is very sad everytime see the news.

I hope that everyone in the world can pray to all the victims of the earthquake hope that those who still buried under the ruins are still alive and can be safe as soon as possible.

China should take measure to ensure future development of buildings and infrastructures are earthquake-proof. Anything can happen to the earth now since the earth is aging due to global warming. Please preserve the earth and go GREEN.