Hot and Rainy Days in Malaysia…. GO GREEN

Recently I can feel the increase in temperature in Malaysia. It is like a toast oven everytime I go out lunch. I feel like I being roasted under the sun. If I drop an egg on the road, I think the egg will be cooked in few minutes.

This show that global warming is continue to change the weather all over world. We need to do something in order to preserve the nature for our younger generation. I think all of us don’t want our younger generation miss out the natural beauty of our mother earth. We must GO GREEN. We as consumer and the government must act to change this. Below are some of the things that we can do to GO GREEN after the jump.

1. Car Pool (Car in malaysia is getting more and more day by day)

2. Off Car Engine when waiting for someone (Save petrol and reduce emission)

3. Recycle (Recycle whatever things that can be recycle)

4. Use Public Transport (Reduce car emission)

5. Go Paperless (Reduce cut down of trees to make paper)

6. Do not speed on the road (when you speed, your car tend to use more petrol)

7. Plant more plants in your house compound

Hope that the younger generation will have the chance to see the natural beauty of our mother earth.

GO GREEN everyone.

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