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Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier

Last week my friend in Japan recommended me to watch Macross Frontier. I watched episode 1 and 2 over the weekend and it was thrilling and nice. I highly recommend all Macross fan to watch this anime series. The story is set at 2059 A.D where Macross Frontier fleet set to explore new galaxy. During the exploration, a new enemy appears and the fight begins…. I don’t want to tell much about the story here.. go watch it yourself.. :p



Hot and Rainy Days in Malaysia…. GO GREEN

Recently I can feel the increase in temperature in Malaysia. It is like a toast oven everytime I go out lunch. I feel like I being roasted under the sun. If I drop an egg on the road, I think the egg will be cooked in few minutes.

This show that global warming is continue to change the weather all over world. We need to do something in order to preserve the nature for our younger generation. I think all of us don’t want our younger generation miss out the natural beauty of our mother earth. We must GO GREEN. We as consumer and the government must act to change this. Below are some of the things that we can do to GO GREEN after the jump.

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End Of Gundam 00 Season 1

It is a bit disappointing that Gundam 00 just ended for the Season 1. This is the first time they divide a gundam series into 2 seasons. I wish they could just continue the series until the end. The season season is scheduled to air on October 2008 which is about 6 months for now.

This series has a nice plot behind the story with 3 super power fighting over renewal energy source and power and an independent military group, Celestial Being who wants to end the war by using Gundam.

I looking forward for the Season 2 of Gundam 00 series this coming October which we will see the debut of Gundam 0 and Gundam 00 machine in the series. For now just enjoy Code Geass series which will take Gundam 00 slot until the season 2 start in October.