Makuhari in Chiba

 On 12 May 07, I went to Makuhari to attend the Square Enix Party 07. This posting is talk about makuhari. In the next post I will talk about Square Enix Party.

 From Kawaguchi to Makuhari takes about 1 1/2 hour by train and cost me 690 yen to go there. I get a chance to see Tokyo Disneyland when the train made a stop in Maihama station. The train to Makuhari is a bit complicated and have to becareful when changing line. If you change to a wrong line, you will ended up at another place.

Makuhari is a new business area and its surrounding areas are mainly industrial area. There are few tall office building and also a big International Exhibition Center. When I got out from the Makuhari train station, I saw a live performance by a group of people in front of the Makuhari Mall. They performed a dance in front of patrons. I managed to take a video of the performance. The dance was very exciting and is the first performance I saw in Japan. Below is the performance’s video.

I went inside the Makuhari Mall. In this mall, you can find many international brands like Nike, Edwin, New Balance. This mall consists of 3 buildings inter-connected by bridges. There’s also a stage between 2 buildings where a live band will sing some songs for patrons here. It is interesting to see live band singing for you while you rest yourself after a long shopping.

Aeon name is a well-known company in Malaysia which owns Jaya Jusco chain of department store and one of the office building here is Aeon building. You can check out the picture in my photo gallery by clicking the picture below.


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  1. Posted by Ninja Turtle on May 13, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    Buy lottery for me 9967. 10 Yen BIG 10 Yen SMALL. Arigato Gila Babi.


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