First Day in Japan

I reached Japan at 7 am (Japan time) on 10 May 2007. The first thing I was very impressed is their railway system which is so complicated. I took a train from Narita Airport in Chiba prefecture to Ueno in Tokyo City which took about 1 hour. Then I changed train to JR line to Kawaguchi where I going to stay and work. During the journey on the train, I noticed Japanese like to use flip mobile phone and suprisingly all phones were in silent mode. They don’t answer call in the train but just emailing (is their “SMS” method).

 The Japanese people is very polite due to their culture. When I want to cross a road, cars have to give way to predestrian. Even when using the public toilet, people have to line up outside to use the toilet. You feel very safe walking around Tokyo. No people will rob you or snatch your beg.

 Convenience store is everywhere in Japan. Some is 24 hour store and some is 99 yen or 100 yen shop where most of the goods are sold at 100 yen each. I went to a big 24 hour convenience store in Kawaguchi called Seiyu a bought a bread for breakfast. They cashier when receiving your money, they will count in front of you and they also will count your change in front of you to ensure that they give your change accurately.

I hardly see parking lot for cars along the road. Not many people own a car here in Japan. The parking is so expensive here. In Tokyo, you need to have a parking lot in order to buy a car. Without a proper carpark, they won’t allow you to buy car.

The air here is so clean and the visibility is so good that I can buildings far away clearly. Japan don’t have much tall buildings like Kuala Lumpur. In Kawaguchi, there is one building that they called it mansion (is a condo for malaysia) which is the tallest mansion in Tokyo and some claimed whole Japan. Most of the bulding is just about 10 storey high but this mansion is about 50 storey high.

Click on the picture below to view some pictures I took during my first day in Japan.  

First Day in Japan

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  1. Posted by Hot Samurai on May 13, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Nice pics, so quiet place. Gwai live there. Y u blog vulgar words like Chibai & Sei You? Damn u…. LOL


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