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Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori of Japan

Last night Miss Universe 2007 pageant was held in Mexico City. There are 77 contestants for this event. Out of these 77 beautiful ladies, Riyo Mori of Japan won the title of Miss Universe 2007. She was born in 24 December 1986 in Shizuoka, Japan. Hmmm.. 4 years younger than me. Can consider to make her as my girl friend… haha just joking. She is the second Japanese to won this title in 48 years. 

Riyo Mori 1  Riyo Mori 2 

Riyo Mori 3 Riyo Mori 4


Shibuya, The Fashion City

Last Sunday, I went to Shibuya with my friend to take a look how is the fashion in Shibuya a.k.a. Fashion City. Shibuya was packed with people and mainly ladies who came down here to hunt for cloths. The popular landmark in Shibuya is the Shibuya 109 building. In this building, you can find all sort of ladies fashion like accessories, shoe and cloths. I went inside the building and all I can see is ladies shopping for cloths. Here you can find a lot of beautiful ladies.

For guys, you can go to Shibuya 109-2 building to find guys fashion. You have to go up to 5th and 6th floor to find guys fashion shop.

How to go to Shibuya: Take the JR Yamanote Line in Tokyo. As long as you able to take this line, you can reach Shibuya because this Yamanote Line circle around Tokyo City. So you won’t get lost.


Pedestrian Come First….

When I first arrived here, I was suprised on how Japanese drives behave when on the road. If there are pedestrian trying or wanted to cross a road (using zebra crossing with no traffic light available), cars have to give way to pedestrian to cross first. It is a good practice to give way to the elders or the young ones to cross first. Now I feel safe crossing the road here compare to Malaysia where I have to look left and right many times before I can cross a road. I wish Malaysia also can practice this practice to make the roads safer to pedestrian.

Houses in Japan

I walked around the backlane around my area last few days. Most houses don’t have compound like what we have in Malaysia and don’t even have parking lot in the house.

Houses In Japan

Free Self-Service Spectacle Cleaning

In Japan, most of the optical shop provide free spectacle cleaning service. It is so simple and is self-service. They will put a small device outside their shop. You just have to soak your spectacle into the water in the device. Then press a button to activate the device and it will do the cleaning. After 1 minute, the device will stop. You just take out your spectacle; soak it inside clean water and wipe using tissue paper. Here you go…. your sparkling clean spectacle.

Spectacle cleaning

My Today’s Meals

Today I ate Tempura for lunch in tempura restaurant and cook spagetti with tomato sauce myself at home. I like the tempura here because it taste nice and is fresh… They only fry the tempura after you order it. The tempura set I ate today just 500 yen which is the cheapest. They got a lot of varieties including vegetarian set. Below are the pictures of my meals…. hehe.

Tempura   Spagetti

Shocked !!! Japanese girls promoting their own adult video. (Not PORN)

Last Sunday I went to Akihabara with my friend to buy some electronics. When we got out from the Akihabara train station, we saw a group of people gathered at one place and taking pictures. I was very curious what is happening there and I thought got famous people in town. One of the Japanese guy was talking in Japanese language (which I don’t understand) trying to promote something. So I try to squeeze in to see who is in the town.

Then I was shocked when I saw there are 3 Japanese girls there promoting their own adult video. My friend said it is just bikini video and not porn. I also think that it is just bikini video. I come from Malaysia where the culture and law doesn’t permit the people to do this kind of thing. This is the first time I saw it and I was shocked (culture shock).

Shocked 1  Shocked 2